Mysterious Progress

Writing has been going better. I started to again this blog pretty quickly when my head started leaking through and staining it. I guess I can always delete stuff but for now why not be as open and honest as I want to be when I want to be it? Exactly.

My current project is a detective novel. I like detective novels and I might make it a series after I’ve caught up on all of my other projects.

I’ve found a way to write without triggering my own psychosis which has been incredible. Or maybe just lucky. Or maybe it’s the meds I never want to give credit.

Humaning is difficult

The voices are more reliable when it comes to being there but not very dependable when it comes to advice. Talked to the doc today and doubling up on meds. I decided I can talk about this here. 

It’s awkward when you realize everything is a lie. More so when you struggle to choose reality over the lie.

Welcome to this

First post to set proper expectations. I have a disorganized mind that I’m trying to straighten out. This looks like a good place to do that.